Manhole Ladders


You can buy the Caswick integrated ladder from our trusted partners:


If you need extra support to a step iron, the integrated ladder is for you. We’ve reinforced these polypropylene encapsulated rung with high tensile steel. An additional polypropylene side rail provides extra support. The system is designed to be factory installed into precast concrete chambers by the concrete manufacturer. Once on site, the vertical stringer, supplied in coils, is fed through eyelets on the rungs to form handrails on each side. This can be extended beyond the rungs to just below surface level using optionally available stainless steel brackets for support.

Key Features

  • Additional side rail for support
  • Highly corrosion resistant rungs to BS EN 13101 standards: 150mm or 200mm projections
  • Bright colours for high visibility
  • No sharp edges
  • No lifting, drilling or temporary access to the manhole needed
  • Certified by WRc approval scheme




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